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Aromatherapy and Emotions

Aromatherapy is a term used to describe a method of healing through the use of essential oils. Remnants of the practice have been discovered in ancient temples, burial grounds and recovered texts. Today, aromatherapy is used for healing emotional traumas and varied mental states in modalities such as emotional release therapy.


Aromatherapy was practiced in an ancient Egyptian ritual described in the Temple of Isis for “cleansing of the spirit.” The Egyptian emotional clearing technique is performed in silence and reverence. The receiver is anointed with a number of essential oils. The deeply relaxing effects of these essential oils and bodywork carry you into a blissful state of “presence.” At the same time, the innate intelligence of these essential oils will stimulate memories and emotions, carrying you wherever you need to go in order to reach a state of clarity and understanding. This gentle yet powerful technique uses therapeutic-grade essential oils and other bodywork techniques to promote a deep and sacred state of connection. The experience is often like an inner vision quest, or a heightened state of meditation and mental clarity.


Other ancient cultures, including those of India, China, and Persia have left records that document their use of fragrance for its effect on mental states and feelings. The Egyptians, in particular, made extensive use of incense and fragrant oils in their religious rituals. Kyphi, an incense containing at least 16 herbs and other fragrant plants such as Juniper, Cinnamon, and Myrrh, was used by Egyptian priests to facilitate the attainment of ecstatic states during religious rites. The Romans used Frankincense and Cypress to aid in dispelling grief, Ylang Ylang and Juniper for coping with guilt, Roman Chamomile for anger, and Cedarwood for focus when preparing for war.

The discovery of ancient practices used collaboratively with modern research has inspired the creation of aromatherapy practices such as Emotional Release Therapy. Emotional Release Therapy targets core mental and emotional issues within the body. A combination of deep tissue massage combined with emotional release pressure points can free suppressed energetic restrictions held in the cellular memory. It is believed that restrictions from past issues and traumas are cleared simultaneously alongside the karmically inherited genetic memory of human ancestry. This method enables people to break free of limiting beliefs and habitually conditioned behaviors. The freedom and harmony facilitated through such essential oil bodywork provides individuals with a refreshed sense of clarity, peace, grounding and purpose.

The bond between odor and memory provide a potential tool in psychotherapeutic settings as well. Practitioners may be able to facilitate recall of events by presenting aromas that were linked with those events. Once those events are recalled, emotional release and clearing therapies can be incorporated.

Essential oils can be customized for a specific healing intention, generating the energetic properties to communicate with emotional patterns. The process of emotional release using essential oils should be gentle and occur step by step over time. Some emotional blocks may take a few days; others may require weeks.

The properties of essential oils used with an intention of love and compassion:

  • Balance energies in the body and open the subconscious mind
  • Promote emotional release of negative stored memories
  • Program the mind with positive beliefs
  • Heals emotionally, biochemically, physically and mentally

Morrnah Nalamaku Simeona Hawaiian kahuna — a spiritual leader and healer stated beautifully. “If we can accept that we are the sum total of all past thoughts, emotions, words, deeds and actions and that our present lives and choices are colored or shaded by this memory bank of the past, then we begin to see how a process of correcting or setting aright can change our lives, our families and our society. Ho’oponopono – I love you, I’m Sorry, Please Forgive Me and Thank You.”

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