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The Power of Energy Work

Energy is everywhere-in everything and everyone.  It is the Universal Life Force Energy that flows through us all.  It is just as important to our survival as the blood pumping through our veins; it nourishes us not only on a physical level, but also mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.  Each one of these parts are connected, and we ultimately depend on the wellbeing of each to maintain a healthy and balanced whole.
Energy work encompasses many intuitive energy healing modalities, including Reiki.  With the intention of always serving the clients’ highest need and greatest good, a practitioner channels and directs the flow of the Universal Life Force Energy through the client’s physical body.  These healing sessions restore the healthy balance of energy and its pathways-clearing blockages which manifest as tender spots and painful trigger points, restoring balance, and recharging the body.
Total healing goes far beyond kneading and gliding strokes and includes corrective work, breathing, and energy work.  The goal is to improve posture and create an awareness of holding patterns that people may not know exist.  These holding patterns develop over time due to postural issues or old injuries, and the more time that passes, the more firmly our bodies cling to these patterns.  Understanding the anatomy of our bodies and knowing how to do corrective bodywork is essential, but it must also be understood that trauma of any kind, often goes deeper than the physical body and affects the emotional and spiritual bodies as well.  Emotions and memories associated with that trauma must be healed before a physical release can take place.  Energy work is subtle, but powerful and perfectly compliments massage in these instances.  Once healing begins, helping clients create body/mind/soul connections helps empower them to be aware of how unhealthy patterns start and allows them to help prevent themselves from falling into the same old ruts.  Understanding that each aspect of ourselves is connected is key….a body in pain can create mental anguish, just as stress and anxiety can manifest in the body as physical symptoms, and not following your soul’s path might create emotional discord that will eventually turn into a physical ailment…it may seem like a huge chore to keep each of these parts happy, but a little awareness goes a long way.
Life is busy-juggling work, families, managing households and taking care of business, we often get into routines of survival that really don’t allow us to do much more than tread water.  Simply balancing our energy provides a little freprieve from the chaos that is life, and will hopefully inspire awareness and desire for an ongoing self-care regiment.

Amy Schilling-Busch has lived in Oklahoma for almost two decades. She is married to Joe, who shares her love of animals, and together they are parents to a houseful of rescued cats and dogs. She is a closet artist and lover of books, plants, and meditation.  She is a Bodyworker trained in therapeutic massage techniques, Reiki, and Cranial Sacral work who intuitively uses crystals and therapeutic grade essential oils to enhance her healing work.  Amy works alongside other gifted healers at Likeminded Therapies in OKC. Visit their website at or contact Amy directly at 405-408-1737.

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