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The Power of Positive Thinking!

This month we share one of the greatest secrets to life: Positive Thinking! It is important to discuss how powerful our thoughts really are. Many of us are raised to believe that it is not our thoughts, but our actions which are most valuable. Well that’s not necessarily the case. Our thoughts, in many ways, can be more powerful than our actions.This article will focus on a few of the different aspects of thought. considering this is a monthly health tip, we will try to stick to how thought can improve your health and quality of life. The way we think of ourselves is one of the greatest influences on how we feel. When we have injured or painful areas, we tend to reflect negatively about these areas. Finally, the way we think and believe directly effects our world view and general emotional and mental state.Injured or Painful Body Parts

How many times have you heard the following: “I have a bad back”, “This is my bum shoulder”, or “I don’t know what i’m going to do with this busted knee.” How we view injured or healing parts of the body will directly effect the way in which it heals, or degenerates. If you are guilty of these forms of thought, try changing them now. One way of doing this is to create affirmations which help change that thought pattern. Instead of saying “my bad shoulder”, say something like “my healing shoulder”. Something a little more elaborate may be in order, but with affirmations, it is helpful if you write them and create them yourself. Carry them around on a piece of paper in your pocket. Even put them up on your mirror. Really use the mirror to look at yourself, into your eyes with love, and repeat the affirmation. We have seen the effects immediately in our practice and this stuff really works. Here are a few more examples:

My elbow is well. Each day it becomes stronger and healthier.
My back is strong and holds me upright and tall.
My hips are powerful and can support any burden I need to carry.

Beliefs and the World We Live In

Are you familiar with the phrase “He lives in his own little world”? Well we all do. The “world” we live in is framed by our beliefs. Beliefs regarding who we are, who others are, and why things are the way they are. This may be easier if explained by example.

Let’s say you believe that all people are idiotic fools out to make your life miserable. The next time someone cuts you off in traffic, your point will be proven! See, they just cut me off proving two things: 1. That guy is an idiot and 2. He is making my life miserable. The incident DOES make you miserable and might just ruin your entire day. What a jerk!

Every event such as the one above will continue to perpetuate this line of thought simply because you already believed it to be true before it ever happened.

Now lets take the same example from a different perspective: Lets say you believe that all people are inherently good and well meaning. People make mistakes and bad decisions, but that’s just life. The same guy cuts you off in traffic. Now you might think something like “That guy didn’t see me, I should be more cautious” or “I’m lucky to have not been hit!” You feel blessed to have made it unscathed! It is going to be a good day today!

If you feel as though you could use a change, here are a few tips to help alter your beliefs without really trying too hard. The key to all the below tips is being mindful of your thoughts and emotions.

  • Reactions: When something happens that causes some emotional reaction, STOP! Even though someone else probably did something, it is YOUR reaction. Why are you reacting? Is it really THIS situation or maybe some past situation still hiding somewhere within causing your response to this particular senario. Be accountable for your own emotions and look within before blaming others. You may find an opportunity for growth and healing.
  • Judgment: When you notice yourself thinking negatively about others, STOP! What is it about yourself that views another in such a way. Could you not be in a similar situation had things been different? Dig deep to find out if you aren’t really judging yourself, as that is often the case.
  • Forgiveness: This encompasses the above two tips and much more. If you have emotional reactions and judgments, most likely there is something available for you to forgive and let go. Remember, forgiveness is forgetting. If you think you have forgiven something but still dwell upon it, you have not truly forgiven. Also know that the hardest person to forgive is yourself. You are the most important person to forgive, and most worthy of forgiveness.
We truly hope this article inspires you to examine your thoughts and to bring in more love to you and others.Likeminded Therapies

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